Our brand is our bond

Seeing is Believing! Rock chips, scratches, scuffs, and other imperfections are amazingly concealed and the car is made brand certified and ready to sell.

We are a nationwide family of cohesive franchises utilizing our fully patented, environmentally friendly paint process of transforming the appearance of a preowned car from looking rough and marginal to that of being practically showroom ready! The FinishFirst business model has changed dramatically since we first launched our website and the new website needs to reflect that.  Although we have franchisees there will be no additional franchises given going forward.  We switched to a Licensee model several years ago and any new territories given will be under the Licensee model not the Franchisee model.

Our roots run deeper than any scratch

I started detailing cars in 1980 in Portland, OR, then ended up moving to Vancouver, WA in the early 90’s. I continued to own and operate a detail shop for another 10 years, at which …