The Proof

“Here are before and after photos of a car I worked on recently.  Its front was absolutely covered with rock chips, and you can see our paint coverage that I completed all by hand in the after picture.  And talk about having a system down for getting cars done quickly . . .in a recent month, I personally repaired 340 cars in my territory in Sacramento!!  We have the fastest and most effective process in existence, hands down!”


Dustin Hull
Sacramento, California

“The pictures below are ones I took of a white Toyota Highlander.  It shows the hood chips I encountered and what it then looked like after using our emissionless FinishFirst paint process.  Just amazing.  I have been part of the FinishFirst team for 10 years.  They have helped me become a successful entrepreneur and provide for my family in a way I never thought was possible.


Kyle Wolfe
New Orleans, Louisiana

Video Collection of Before & After Pictures…

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