Why FinishFirst

Our service industry of automobile appearance restoration (some still call it touch-up) has been laden with mediocrity for decades.  Typically, dealership detail departments don’t have professionally trained technicians, but even if they did and were equipped with what has been generally accepted materials and methods for repairing rock chips, scratches and scuffs, they just can’t come close to approaching the results our FinishFirst techs achieve every time they work on a car utilizing our emissionless paint system…nor can any other vendor masquerading as worthy competition.  Consequently, and almost without fail, every time used car managers sees our process for the first time, they are amazed, and many think there’s some kind of hocus pocus involved…it’s that incredible.  However, though it might seem magical to some, it’s just, in very simple terms, the best rock chip and scratch repair system out there.