I started detailing cars over 35 years ago here in Vancouver, WA and the Portland OR area.  Yeah, I’m one of those “car guys” who loved working on my car and those of friends.  Eventually I decided I should make some money with my hobby so I threw out a shingle to start a business.  As I became more established and had my own shop, it became clear I had to do more than just detail and put a sparkle on a car…. I had to find a new way of actually repairing the rock chips, scuffs and scratches, commonly referred to as touch-up,” that seemed to be on every car that  made its way to my business.  Key for me, however, was to somehow eliminate the costly and difficult process of taping off and spraying car panels to repair them.  Most of my customers didn’t want any part of paying $350.00 for spraying the front end of their car, that would also drastically alter its original paint.  So, it became “tinkering” time. I had to find a way of applying paint to rock chips and deep scratches, having it quickly dry or set up, and then remove all the paint that wasn’t needed, without spraying! 

Well, a little ingenuity and perseverance in our makeshift shop lab produced the FinishFirst process that is currently about 16 years young. It’s gone through several evolution’s (became patented) and is now being used by licensees coast to coast, transforming pre-owned cars back to their original showroom new appearances.  

My brother, Michael, was the catalyst that took the system to market, created a word of mouth sales plan and spent months on end traveling the country working with prospective licensees in opening up regional markets nationwide.  I must admit, we became quite a team while bringing on a very smart and dedicated administrative staff, and a remarkable product R&D manager.  And the rest, as they say, is history.

So, if you have a burning desire to be independent but work in unison with a terrific network of franchisees and licensees  with a most unique emissionless paint process, please give us a call or email us for information.  YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED, PROMISE. 1-800-998-9208, sales@finishfirstauto.com

Kirby Doyle
President, FinishFirst Auto Appearance, Inc.
Vancouver, WA